“Luosifen” a famous local specialty in China

Where does Luosifen come from?

Luosifen, river snail rice noodle is a famous dish in Liuzhou, Guangxi province, China. Liuzhou is a small city in southern China with a kind of large population of close to 4 million people. The biggest characteristic is Liujiang river, which is a tributary of Zhujiang river. Liujiang flows through the whole city, Liuzhou. Seeing Liujiang in the sky, it seems to look like a dragon lying in the city, so Liuzhou usually is called Dragon city.

Why do people use river snails (or freshwater snail)?

River snails are a kind of normal animal in southern China, especially in Guangxi province. Because it is very moist there and because there are many rice farms, the environment of Liuzhou is good for river snail’s living. Moreover, river snail tastes very delicious. Thus, Liuzhou people love and are very good at cooking river snail. Does it sound like a kind of French dish? Yes. They look very similar.

Childhood memory

Luosifen is not only a delicious dish but also a flash card that includes lots of Liuzhou people’s childhood memory. Some Liuzhou people would love to eat luosifen as their all meals per day. Because there decades ago was not as much food choices as people have today, luosifen was almost the only option for people. So, people usually would like and had to have bowls of luosifen when friends reunion and dates between boyfriends or girlfriends.


The taste of luosifen

Does not everyone like the taste of luosifen. Some even cannot smell it because they think luosifen smells very terrible. However, some get crazy for a bowl of luosifen; they are the loyal fans of a bowl of luosifen. People love it because of the ingredients; people don’t like it also because of the ingredients. River snails soup and rice noodle are not the only two components for a bowl of luosifen.  Beside these, luosifen also has various ingredients,such as pickled radishes (萝卜干), pickled beans (酸豆角), pickled bamboo shoots (酸笋),wood ear, fried peanuts, and deep fried yuba, and some vegetables. Spicy and sour are two primary tastes.


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