Chinese Gourmands are a special group living in the Internet

Who are they who love food?

Whenever it comes to food topics, it is impossible to avoid talking about a special group of people, who extremely love food and always try to find delicious food anywhere. In China, people call this group of people “吃货”, which means gourmands or food aficionado. It is known that there are gourmands in any countries. gourmands don’t only find good food in their countries but also look for other good food from other countries with different cultures over the world.

So, good foods have become a special type of communicational channel between any two countries with different cultures or similar cultures. A dish of delicious food on the table seems like a bright window where you cannot only fill your stomach, satisfy your taste sense, and feed your minds.

The China map in gourmands’ eyes


The China map above is a food map of China, which notes different specialties in different provinces in China.

The strong and wise gourmands group

Those are only a little part of famous local foods in China. Even if nowadays people can have most of them in any big city of China even other countries, the real gourmands would like to go to the original place where the food comes from and find out the authentic local food restaurants where the local people usually visit. For a gourmand, looking for delicious local specialties is not only to satisfy his or her desire to explore a new excitation of taste-bud but also to enjoy the whole experience of seeking their taste sense treasures.

 My plan

The blog would introduce each of them listed on the map and add more local foods that are not on the list. It is a big plan, so that would take a long time to complete. Thank you for your patience. Hope this blog can make you have a new recognition about China.

Enjoy the table culture belonging to you.

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