About me

Hello!  Welcome!

I am a Chinese and had been living in China for 30 years. After attending my university in the U.S. for my master degree, I found that the U.S. is not the country I knew in China. I thought the cities in the U.S. should be like New York downtown in which there are lots of skyscrapers. I felt a little disappointed. Nevertheless, when I was studying in the U.S., I started accepting this country that I saw and knowing better gradually about this country than the past.

So when people think they can know China only via a few news about China from TV, that is not enough. Everything has two sides. When people only see something from outside, that is only one side. Going feel a thing deeply from inside is also essential.

Besides Chinese foods, the blog also includes some articles about Chinese daily lives, Chinese festivals, Chinese News. These articles are good complements for knowing better Chinese culture.

Hope you can find out different angles to see a new China in different perspectives after reading some parts here. Enjoy it.

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